The Union of Jerusalem Graduates is a locally based, nonprofit organization founded in 2009 by a group of young male and female graduates holding various degrees in different areas of study. Their main focus became supporting university graduates such as themselves living and seeking work in Jerusalem, many of whom are finding difficulty landing jobs after graduation. In which they are faced with the choice of either seeking work abroad or accepting an under qualified job, so they decided to create a center that serves Jerusalem graduates by providing training for their respective majors, developing their skills and to contribute to creating sustainable jobs and careers according to their fields of study, this is conducted through cooperation with many Jerusalemite organizations as well as domestic and abroad.

Vision Statement

Our vision is based on helping eliminate unemployment and stop the trend of freshly graduates and experienced ones from travelling abroad seeking employment, and that is by establishing institutions in Jerusalem which provide job training opportunities for old and new graduates, as well as improving and expanding current potential employers, which enables them to create more job opportunities to absorb the qualified personnel in Jerusalem.

Our Target Demographic

We aim to interest college degree holders including those on the verge of earning university degrees from local or foreign institutions and living in the city of Jerusalem.  The Union of Jerusalem Graduates does not discriminate on the basis of gender, beliefs or religious affiliation.

The union’s main goals

Serving as an Umbrella Organization

 representing university graduates in Jerusalem, the UJG provides essential services to a population that is underrepresented. These services include assistance in securing jobs, also serving by further training and conducting various activities built specifically for those graduates.

  • Maintaining an office center to launch the Union’s initiatives. The office on Salah din Street is easily accessible to graduates seeking employment, guidance and resources (computers, printers, employment databases). The more students involved the greater UJG’s impact and influence.
  • Organizing yearly career fairs for students in order to highlight the job opportunities in Jerusalem, to facilitate networking, and to create future partnerships in the private and public sectors.
  • Fostering relationships with universities in the area and larger region. The establishment of these partnerships is imperative for there to be a sense of follow through for graduating students and educational institutions.


Advocating for Student’s Rights

In order to enhance the community and better serve students the majority of the UJG’s work focuses on providing a support base for students.

  • The Union seeks to counter the causes of unemployment by encouraging the pursuit of higher education and by highlighting the prospects of successful careers in Jerusalem.
  • We advocate for students’ needs by finding financial resources for students (grants, scholarships, aid) and representing them as a legitimate interest group in the economic setting of Jerusalem.

Providing Job Counseling Services

    Partly due to the nature of the educational system afforded to students in East Jerusalem, a number of young graduates are unprepared to transition from the theoretical to the practical realm. This transition needs to be facilitated through workshops and continued educational classes, complemented by employment services.

  • The UJG holds classes and workshops offering practical skills to students seeking jobs. Knowledge in IT and English are important prerequisites for jobs in the higher skilled labor market and are prioritized.
  • Members seeking to enter in a particular career field are put into contact with already established professionals able to offer advice. An extensive employment database is also on hand for students to consult.
  • The UJG offers help in processes such as CV writing and filling job applications in English, Arabic, and Hebrew. The more resources consecrated to students the greater their chances of securing stable and fulfilling jobs.


The Union is a non-profit organization that depends solely on donations and sponsorships to continue its vital work in the Jerusalem community.  All the expenses of running such a program are paid by the current UJG members, but as the organization continues to grow more funds and partnerships are needed.